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  The automobile word arrives, through the French car from Ancient Greek words αὐτός (autós, "self") (cars, "I") and Latin Mobilis ("mobile"), mean it, that the vehicle moves itself. The loan for the first time it was accepted in English New York Times in 1899.
   The alternative name the Car as trusts, occurs from Latin word Carrus or Carrum («wheel vehicles»), or Middle English word carre ("cart") (from the French Old North in turn, they as speak, occurs from Gallic words karros (Gallic the Chariot).
  Automobile, Autocar, the car or the car - used for vehicles of a wheel of transportation passengers which also has own engine or the engine. The majority of definitions of term to define, that cars are intended for work first of all over roads, to have places for 7:59 to people, as a rule, has four wheels, and will be constructed mainly for transportation of people, instead of the goods.
  1886 consider as year of a birth of the modern car - with Benz Patent-Motorwagen, German inventor Charles Benz. Motorised has soon replaced cars of an animal, it is made by cars, especially after cars became accessible to many people when Ford Model T it has been entered in 1908.
  The term the car was earlier, also were used in a context of the electrified railway systems for a designation of the car which functions as the locomotive, but also and gives a place to passengers and luggage.
  These cars were the locomotive, is often used on suburban routes both distant and distant railway systems. It has been counted up, which in 2010 quantity of cars has increased to more 1 billion cars, in comparison with 500 million in 1986. The number grows up fast norms, especially in China, India and other adapters of a network, Large-scale, consecutive manufacturing of accessible cars the factory located to Lansing, the state of Michigan and on the basis of conveyor methods, for the first time on Mark Brunel Isambard in Factories of the Block Portsmouth, England in 1802 debuted on Ransom E. Olds in 1902 on it Oldsmobile.
  Style of the conveyor of mass production and interchangeable parts was pioneers in the USA Thomas Blanchard in 1821, in the Weapon Springfield in Springfield, the state of Massachusetts, This concept has been considerably expanded by Henry Ford, with 1914. As a result cars on which Ford has gone down from a line in fifteen minutes an interval, much faster, than the previous methods, productivity, increase eightfold (12,5 man-hours are required  earlier, 1 hour of 33 minutes after), at use of smaller quantity labour It was so successful, the paint became a bottleneck.
  Only black Japan would dry up quickly enough, forcing the company to refuse the most various colours to 1914 while quickly drying Duco the varnish has not been developed in 1926. It is Ford's source, doubtful the remark, "any colour if it is black". In 1914 worker of the conveyor could buy model T with payment within four months.
  Within 20th century the car quickly developed from expensive a toy for rich de facto the standard for passenger transport in the majority of the developed countries. All over the world, the car has facilitated access to the remote places. However, average time of travel regularly visited places, has increased in the big cities, especially in Latin America, as a result of wide introduction of the car. It is connected from stoppers and distance increase between the house, and work - the caused cities
  With 1940, the majority of cities of the USA trams, rope-ways, and other forms easily rail have lost transport, buses or buses should be replaced diesel burning. Many of them never came back, though some city communities finally are established underground. The state support in some kind of grants of the automobile infrastructure, costing road patrol bodies, restoration of the stolen cars, and many other things things factors, does public transport less economically by a competitive choice for passengers expenses of consideration for? ? The account.
  Consumers often to make a choice on the basis of these expenses, and to underestimate owners of indirect costs of cars, insurance and maintenance service. However, in the world and in some cities of the USA, gathering and payment for parking partially to give indemnification to these heavy grants on driving.
   Planning of supporters of vehicles of a policy Often names supports, increase in taxes to fuel, stoppers of the prices and a market rate of the prices for municipal parking as means of balancing of use of cars in cities about more effective ways, such as buses and trains.
  In the United States, on pocket expenses for owners of cars can change considerably depending on a condition in which you live. In 2013 annual expenses of owners of cars, including repair, insurance, gas and taxes were the highest in Georgia (4233$) and the lowest in the state of Oregon (2024$) with national averages 3201$. The data received from AAA, define, that possession cost grows in the United States approximately on 2 % a year.
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